The Bear Necessities

THE BEAR NECESSITIES is a 6 X 30 observational documentary about a bear road trip in China as 100 Asian moon bears are rescued from a bear bile farm and moved across the country to a sanctuary we see being built to house them. In the new sanctuary we see sick bears being hospitalised before going through a process of convalescence, we watch the bears adapt to their new surrounds as the staff create bear like conditions for them to live in. The story is told over twelve months in two bustling Chinese cities, Nanning and Chengdou during which the bears are visited by some of their celebrity fans, including cast members form the hit TV show DOWNTON ABBEY.

Developed in partnership with the Animals Asia Foundation, THE BEAR NECESSITIES is an eye opening observational documentary about one of the most ambitious bear rescues ever attempted. This is a road trip film like no other.

Broadcast and financing partners are being sought for this film.

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