The Outback Rabbis

THE OUTBACK RABBIS is an Aussie road trip like no other. This colourful documentary follows RARA (Rabbis of Rural and Regional Australia) as two young Ultra-Orthodox Chabad Rabbis head to the Australian outback searching for Jews in order to bring them closer to their faith.

No location is too remote for the RARA Rabbis, as they traverse thousands of kilometres in their “Mitzvah tank”. This campervan emblazoned with Jewish imagery is not to be missed as it rattles into tiny towns in the Australian outback.

THE OUTBACK RABBIS will be both humorous and touching as it reveals the stories of men on a mission, Jews in unlikely places, and non-Jews, including Indigenous Australians, who live in rural and remote Australian.

This documentary has been commissioned by SBS as part of their ‘Untold Australia’ series. Production is in 2017 for broadcast in 2018.

It is being directed by Identity Films Danny Ben-Moshe and produced by Unicorn Films.

‘Frisco Kid’ – prepare to eat your heart out.

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