Strictly Jewish:The Secret World of Adass Israel

‘Strictly Jewish:The Secret World of Adass Israel’ is a revealing observational documentary that opens an unprecedented window into Australia’s most ultra-Orthodox Jewish subculture – the small and highly reclusive Adass Israel community in Melbourne – as it battles to maintain its millennia-old ultra-Orthodox traditions in the face of modernity and all its subversive temptations and trappings.  The film follows the community over the course of a Jewish year as we see a rich, vibrant and somewhat unusual culture celebrate a series of festivals and a devout way of life. In a film filled with song, prayer, food, tradition and one of the world’s largest weddings, ‘Strictly Jewish’ uncovers the beliefs and the people underneath traditional attire this sect are associated with.

Broadcast on 27 April 2016, ‘Strictly Jewish” was the top rating episode in the “Untold Australia” series on SBS TV. The film won the Screen Producers of Australia Award for best one off documentary.

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This is a Mint Pictures production directed by Identity Film’s Danny Ben-Moshe.