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Welcome to Identity Films

Identity Films is an award winning documentary production company that tells meaningful stories about individuals and communities in engaging and insightful ways.

We focus on character driven films that delve into the complexity of the human condition and the world we live in.

Our films have received glowing reviews in prominent global media ranging from the Hollywood Reporter to the Times of London, and have featured at film festivals in North America, Europe, Asia, Israel and Australia.

We make commissioned documentaries for leading broadcasters around the world, from the BBC in the UK to the ABC in Australia.

Our storytelling is compelling and thought provoking. We don’t shy away from tough issues, in fact we welcome them; be they political or personal. We also revel in telling great cultural tales that reflect the soul of our societies and are just good fun.

Whatever story we tell, we always find the quirky and humorous elements in a story.

We work on both 2D and virtual reality (VR) films.

Identity Films is based in Melbourne, Australia, but tells stories from around the world for a global audience.

The company was established in 2006 and is headed by award winning producer and director and former professor Danny Ben-Moshe.

Follow Identity Films on Facebook and Youtube.

Recent Films

Shalom Bollywood

When Indian cinema began 100 years ago it was taboo for Hindu and Islamic women to perform on screen, so female roles were played by men – sort of Monty Python or Shakespearian style…

Code of Silence

‘Code of Silence’ is a one-hour observational documentary that follows the parallel journeys of a fervently Orthodox Jewish father and his now-secular son, after the son breaks…

Rewriting History

This is one of those documentaries that is so compelling and so confronting it leaves you stunned, a little breathless…

Carnaby Street Undressed

Carnaby Street Undressed is a story of fashion, music and eye opening insights into London’s Carnaby Street in its 1960s…