Outback Rabbi's


FRISCO KID meets PRISCILLA QUEEN OF THE DESERT. On a road trip like no other, in 2018 ultra-Orthodox Chassidic Rabbis hit the Aussie bush looking for ‘lost Jews’. Dressed in black suits and fedora hats, the OUTBACK RABBIS embark on a journey filled with surprising and emotional encounters with Aussie outback characters and laced with Jewish wit, music and culture.

TV: SBS Australia, PBS America, RTV Slovenia, ITI Nevision Poland, Bibel TV Germany, CBC Canada.

Festivals: Atlanta Jewish Film Festival, Boca Raton Jewish Film Festival, Buffalo International Jewish Film Festival, Chicago Jewish Film Festival, Jewish Motifs Film Festival Poland, Manhattan Uptown Jewish Film Festival, Miami Jewish Film Festival, Manhattan Uptown Jewish Film Festival, Religion Today Film Festival Rome, Rochester Jewish Film Festival, Santa Barbara Jewish Films Festival.

“Brilliant, must watch”
The Sydney Morning Herald

“A funny and heart warming story”

Leaving the comfort of Melbourne Jewish life, two Rabbis and their families are heading into the heart of Australia. They travel the country in a campervan emblazoned with their Jewish mission, rattling into remote Aussie towns in their search for Jews. The campervan is affectionately named the ‘Tank’ as these Rabbis see themselves as part of God’s Army.

The Rabbis are members of Chabad, an ultra-Orthodox sect of Chassidic Jews. CHABAD of RARA (Remote and Regional Australia) is an organisation devoted to travelling the country to search for and minister to Jews. The RARA mission is to reconnect Jews with Judaism and to ensure ‘No Jew gets left behind’. From lush islands and rainforest in North Queensland to Uluru and the Red Centre, the road trip travels to some of the most spectacular sights in Australia.This colourful documentary is humorous and touching as it reveals the stories of men on a mission, Jews in unlikely places, and the broader community of rural and regional Australia. OUTBACK RABBIS takes us into the remotest corners of Australia and the hidden world of the Australian Jewish community in the bush.

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