Virtual Reality

Walk With Me

Identity Films and Productions is making a series of ground breaking virtual reality films for the Melbourne Holocaust Museum. Every year over 20,000 school children visit the Centre where their most impactful experience is meeting a survivor. But soon there will be no Holocaust survivors left to meet. In partnership with the Jewish Holocaust Centre, Identity Films travelled with 87 year old Holocaust survivor Shiya Chaskiel back to the Auschwitz and Buchenwald Nazi camps where he told his story captured in 360 degree filming: immersive, confronting, touching. This is as close to a Holocaust survivor as future generations will be able to get.

To view the film visit the Melbourne Holocaust Museum.

Israel 2023

Israel 2023 is an inspiring story of Israeli civil society in action. It documents the unprecedented democracy protest that went for 40 weeks in a row involving the equivalent of tens of millions of Americans, and then follows how civil society pivoted after Hamas attacked Israel on October 7.

The film will be available for licensing in 2024.