REVENGE: OUR  DAD THE NAZI KILLER? is a feature length murder mystery documentary that follows three Jewish brothers in Melbourne who stumble on a family secret: their father, a Holocaust survivor and WWII partisan, allegedly went to Sydney in the 1950s to undertake a revenge killing against a Nazi. As they delve into the past they unexpectedly unearth a web of Nazi networks Down Under, covert Jewish vigilante groups, and multiple cases of Nazis who mysteriously died or disappeared in post-WWII Australia. All of this occurs in the context of Cold War intrigue, with anti-Semitism at the highest level of government. A gripping story that poses the moral question when, if ever, is it justified to take the law into your own hands?

Made for the BBC (UK), ABC (Australia), DR (Denmark) and NK (Norway), 2024.

Released in cinemas across Australia, December 2023.

“A Compelling thriller”
Sydney Arts Guide

“Elegiac and undeniably moving”

“Revenge’ is a fascinating story to see unfold”
Theatre Haus

“An intimate, tender portrayal of the struggle to confront the past while existing in the present”