Rewriting history


REWRITING HISTORY is a contemporary political story that follows academic and filmmaker Danny Ben-Moshe and Professor of Yiddish Dovid Katz, as they take on the Lithuanian government to try and prevent an inconvenient WWII historical truth from being obliterated by rewriting the history of the Holocaust.

2012: SBS Australia
2013: George Washington University; Los Angeles Holocaust Museum; United Synagogue of Great Britain

"One of those documentaries that is so compelling and so confronting it leaves you stunned, a little breathless."
The Australian

REWRITING HISTORY examines a new and potentially more dangerous form of Holocaust Revisionism that is gaining a foothold in Europe through the development of “double genocide” which equates Nazi and Soviet crimes.

REWRITING HISTORY is a story on the frontline of the battle for the memory of the Holocaust in contemporary Europe. The film is an indictment of a process that has parallels in other countries in Eastern Europe including Hungary, Poland and Ukraine with vast implications for the future of European democracy.

The film triggered the Seventy Years Declaration campaign against double genocide that was launched in the European Parliament after 70 European politicians spoke out against the threat “double genocide” posed to the memory of the Holocaust.

The film is a coproduction between Identity Films and Tattooed Media.

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