Producer and director Danny Ben-Moshe established Identity Films in 2006. Liking nothing better than a great story, Danny wonders why his careers councillor at school never mentioned becoming a documentarian. He never took up their suggestion of joining the army, and after he made his first documentary in 2005 he was hooked. Setting out to make stories which matter and give viewers something to think about, Danny does so by bringing his quirky eye to the tales he tells. Danny won the prestigious Walkley Award for his 2014 film Code of Silence.

Danny’s filmmaking skills have been widely recognised in acclaimed reviews, from “Pick of the Day” in Britain’s Sunday Times and The Australian, to four stars in London’s Time Out and Holocaust Remembrance Day TV broadcasts in Israel. His films have generated articles in newspapers such as The Washington Post and the New York Times.

Most recently Dany completed My Mother’s Lost Children for the BBC and his Shalom Bollywood documentary’s world premiere is at the prestigious Mumbai International Film Festival.

Danny’s films have had prime time TV broadcasts in Australia, the UK and Israel, and played at film festivals around the world. They have been the basis for special screenings and panel discussions at university and community forums, and as a entertaining public speaker, Danny is often invited to speak at these events. This is all part of the process of Danny and Identity Films generating insight, debate and reflection on issues that matter.

A masterful interviewer, Danny utilizes his strong research skills in his filmmaking. For over a decade he was an Associate Professor at Deakin and Victoria Universities in Melbourne. He has researched and lectured in Australia, America and Israel on cultural diversity, migration and diasporas, racism and antisemitism, Jewish identity, and Israel. Danny reckons to make a good film it has to be about something you are passionate about, so Jewish stories are a big part of his filmography. However, his storytelling passions and interests are diverse, extending to music, culture, and the environment.

As a public intellectual, Danny authors academic, newspaper and magazine articles. When not making documentaries or writing he can be found following Arsenal and watching English comedy.

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